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Let the Journey Begin
StreeteasyOOH, Video, Digital
Turning the city into a gallery of Renaissance art, because buying in NYC is full of drama. 

Agency: Mother New York
CCO: Oriel Davis-Lyons
ECD: Nedal Ahmed
Creative Directors: Dave Tomkins, Martin Baker
Artists: Buck

Select Awards:
AdAge Creativity Top 5
AdAge Creativity Editor’s Pick
The Drum Ad of the Day

Select Press:
“They’re all wonderful” AdAge

“These visuals do not disappoint” Muse by Clio

“Manages to stand out amid a sea of distractions with its intricate painting and hidden messages” The Drum 

SXSWestworldHBOExperiential, Immersive Theatre
66 actors. 444 pages of script. 90,000 square feet. 1.9 billion media impressions. One simple idea. We built Westworld in real life at SXSW.

Agency: Giant Spoon
Creative Directors: Josh Yeston, Jason Ferguson
Show Creator: Kilter Films
Production Company: Mycotoo, Glass Eye

Select Awards:
Gold Cannes Lion, Outdoor, Immersive Experiences
Grand Clio, Entertainment
Gold Clio, Branded Content
Silver Clio, Branded Entertainment
Titanium Cannes Lion, Shortlist 

Select Press:
“One of the best publicity stunts of the 21st century” AV Club

"HBO's Westworld town is blowing everyone's minds” AdAge

“An incredible mindfuck of a social experiment” Esquire

“Punchdrunk theatre, but on a massive scale” The Telegraph

“It blew my mind” Business Insider

SickwearMucinexFashion, Livestream, Influencers
Turning a healthcare company into a lifestyle brand, with a “capsule” collection designed to help you feel better during cold & flu.

Agency: Barbarian
ECD: Resh Sidhu 
Creative Directors: Jon Ong, Jason Ferguson 
Production: m ss ng p eces / Danielle Levitt, Mike Woods
Clothing Designers: Steven Alan, Christina Viviani

Select Awards:
D&AD Wood Pencil, E-commerce: Livestream
Cannes Lions Shortlist, Communications Design
Clios Shortlist, Fashion + Beauty Marketing
One Show Shortlist, Livestream
One Show Shortlist, Products
AICP Shortlist x 2
Shortys Shortlist x 2
Webbys Honoree x2 
AdAge Creativity Editor’s Pick
WWD Biggest Fashion Collabs of 2020
W Magazine Wildest Collabs of 2020

Select Press:
“One of the most unexpected collaborations of the year” WWD

“Designed to break the internet” Business Insider

See more at m ss ng p eces 

Airbnb Gift CardsAirbnbVideo, Stop Motion
The Airbnb Gift Card is small card with a big impact — it opens a door to the entire world of Airbnb destinations and experiences. With that in mind, we made their gift card the portal to different magical miniature worlds.

Everything was shot practically with stop-motion animation. It was an incredibly labor-intensive process that allowed us to craft each frame with absolute intention.

Creative Team: Michael Kremer, Jason Ferguson, Krista Wicklund, Gustavo Sousza, Evan Nagan, Anna Salazar 
Editors: Simon Aigne, Zipeng Zhu
GCD: Bekah Sirrine
VP, Creatives: Scott Trattner, Eric Grunbaum
Production Partner: Nexus Studios

That New Phone FeelingSamsungMusic Video, Social
Helping Samsung Mobile reach a younger audience with a music video produced by PC Music's Sophie – using over 200 looping GIFs – and getting the internet guessing: is this a music video or an ad?

Agency: Big Spaceship
Creative Team: Jason Ferguson, Breanne Thomas, Johan Anderson, Jackie Mucilli Malamud
Song: “When I Rule the World” by LIZ
Music Producer: SOPHIE / PC Music

Select Press:
“LIZ premiered a new song in a Samsung commercial...you will submit to its pleasures” The Fader

“It’s the most unabashedly jingle-worthy and materialistic shit you’ve ever heard. And it’s fucking great because of it.” Stereogum

“An online ad for the new Samsung Galaxy phone, which should provoke more debate about what exactly the PC Music lot are playing at – are they pranksters? hipsters corporate shills? You decide.” Fact Magazine

It Doesn’t Take a GeniusSamsungReal-Time Response, Video, Improv
Writing and shooting 30+ scripts in one day using improv actors, all to disrupt Apple's new launch as it was happening – appearing in 60 publications, and reaching 300 million people.

Agency: Big Spaceship
Creative Team: Jason Ferguson, Jackie Mucilli Malamud, Daniel Galganski, Joey Manin

Shortys Winner, Best in Consumer Electronics
Shortys Gold, Real-Time Response
Shortys Finalist, Animated GIFs
IAB Mixx Awards Shortlist
Silver Addy (NYC), Digital Advertising

Select Press:
“After years of cringey, tone-deaf commercials, the company has finally grown a few claws“ TechCrunch

“Samsung comes back swinging” Mashable

“Samsung mocks Apple in hilarious new ad” BGR

The Dream is Different Here
StreeteasyOOH, Video, Digital
Building an in-house creative department within the Zillow Group to help reinvigorate the StreetEasy brand that New Yorkers love. 

“The Dream is Different Here”
Agency: Preacher
CCO: Rob Baird
Associate Creative Directors: Mel Lin, Tyler Booker
Production Company: Packouz
Photographer: Peter Yang

Select Press:
AdAge Creativity Editor’s Pick, The Dream is Different Here

See more at Preacher

Business Schooled
SynchronyPodcast, Video

When you look at the data, the majority of new businesses are started by Baby Boomers and older Gen Xers, not millennials. So we had Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian learn a thing or two from the OG class of entrepreneurs across the country. 

It introduced the brand into culture with original IP instead of noisy and ignorable posts. Within 24 hours, Business Schooled became a Top 100 podcast on iTunes, including #5 in the highly competitive business category. 

Agency: Giant Spoon
Concept Creative Directors: Josh Yeston, Jason Ferguson

Select Awards:
Webbys Honoree, Podcasts

GoEuro Rebrand
Omio x The Combination RuleBranding

Travel platforms often confuse and overwhelm their users. They add visual noise and communication complexity to an already stressful process. 

With this understanding, we pushed into the branding work with a mission to make booking travel feel good, effortless, and easy. The new branding system was designed to be relatable, easy to use, and globally scalable.

Agency: The Combination Rule
Creative Lead: Josh Long
Role: UX Copy & Creative Brand Strategy

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Creative Shop

Meta Creative Shop collaborates with marketers and agencies to create advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. They are a team of dreamers and innovators who are always hungry to craft new ideas with new technology.

I spent a year as a consulting Creative Strategist, working with agencies and brands to optimize creative, concepting first-ever platform ideas, running Instagram Story School workshops, and giving talks on best-in-class creative ideas.
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